Intercultural Agile continued


Customers in Germany during a recent training session, balloons courtesy of the XP game.

Portia Tung (far right) did a wonderful job and even I walked away feeling energised and refreshed.  It definitely helped that we continually reviewed the course content based on what we were learning about the group in front of us – exciting for the trainers and the trainees.  Possibly one of the best set of reviews I have ever seen post-training.

If you get the chance to see Portia in action grab it with both hands and throw yourself in!

So what is Agile?

Answers on an index card please….

It seems that there are more and more divisions appearing within the Agile community as we grow larger.  On one hand some quote founders as saying ‘if teams are no co-located they cannot be agile” to others who claim that all estimation is simply waste.  Others squabble about whether business teams could be considered agile.

Why so black and white?

Intercultural Agile?

I’ve just been on an intra-cultural workshop on Germans, and am excited and interested to see how Agile can work with a detail-oriented, hierarchical and order driven team.

Iris, our teacher, was an excellent trainer – preferring to take the eyes down approach and let us lead ourselves in discussion – some very provoking images and language differences were used to this end.  Sheer genius, both the materials and the presenter – everyone agreed they had learned something powerful and important – even those who had worked with Germans, some had even lived in Germany for long periods.  (For anyone interested in intercultural training I would definitely recommend KulturAdvantage)
Without disclosing these powerful materials I can only say that her lists and exercises have given me much to ponder…

Uppermost in my mind is how to self-empower and produce creativity in this group…very different from my experiences in North America and Asia to say the least.
Has anyone found decent information on inter-cultural Agile’s becoming more necessary in recent years but there seems to be little collaboration on the topic….