We’ve come a long long way together

Well I’ve not posted on my previous blog for a few years now.  I got working for the public sector and was too spooked to write much of anything.  Funnily enough I’ve come full circle and am back working with government..however this time feels different.  I’ve grown up.  I can separate the day and my thoughts to blog coherently and, somewhat more importantly, within legal bounds.

Ha ha.

So, my topic of 2013, the year of my fortieth birthday, was to immerse myself in learning.  Indeed I spent that very big birthday itself in a plane speeding towards a week long workshop with Gerry Weinberg, 80 years old and still easily the smartest man in the room.  And this has continued through last year, immersing myself with all sorts of knowledge leaders, learning about their different methods, and far more interestingly their tales of real life.

Anyway, I digress.  In 2014 I will endeavour to spread the word that Agile is not an add-on. To reap the long term benefits, of any change Agile or not, it must permeate and flourish throughout all aspects of hiring and caring for people, decision making and governing, supporting and delivering.

No pressure folks.