Agile dinosaurs

dinoFollowing on from Psst. Wanna buy an agile? I wanted to explore more ways you can check out your agile consultant.

A common one in recent years are the people who have been using Agile since the 90’s. My favourites are those who have been agile coaches for 15 years plus.


For one simple reason.  The term Agile was coined in 2001.  For more details on the back story have a look here.  You could of course have been using one of the methods or frameworks that spring up in the nineties…but Agile it was not yet.

To find out if your consultant is using buzzword bingo instead of being specific about what they used, or are simply employing a marketing trick to make you think they are more experienced than they really are…read on.

When a resume says Agile pre-2001 ask for more details.  What do they mean by Agile?  Ask them to explain it – if they don’t use any of the principles and instead offer another explanation be wary – they might be the type who are really asking Psst. Wanna buy an agile?   Ask what frameworks or methods they used.  Ask them to get specific.  Then look them up on the bodies that train, teach and have communities in those methods.  There are often clues when you explore each role more with candidates.  Try asking what a typical day was like at their pre-2001 coaching engagement, this will often produce clues to the real role they played.