Intercultural Agile?

I’ve just been on an intra-cultural workshop on Germans, and am excited and interested to see how Agile can work with a detail-oriented, hierarchical and order driven team.

Iris, our teacher, was an excellent trainer – preferring to take the eyes down approach and let us lead ourselves in discussion – some very provoking images and language differences were used to this end.  Sheer genius, both the materials and the presenter – everyone agreed they had learned something powerful and important – even those who had worked with Germans, some had even lived in Germany for long periods.  (For anyone interested in intercultural training I would definitely recommend KulturAdvantage)
Without disclosing these powerful materials I can only say that her lists and exercises have given me much to ponder…

Uppermost in my mind is how to self-empower and produce creativity in this group…very different from my experiences in North America and Asia to say the least.
Has anyone found decent information on inter-cultural Agile’s becoming more necessary in recent years but there seems to be little collaboration on the topic….