I’ve hit a snag

So I’ve got the Agile Enablement Backlog in place, all geared to retain the current DSDM standards whilst adding valuable new practices. I’ve even got an initial priority on these, based on several sources of information…including a miserable attempt at a passive organisational retrospective using clustering and goodies.

just wait til the next time someone says ‘on our last project xxx was crap’ – why do people believe it is important to spout casually but not to be part of an organised attempt to make things better 🙁
moan over

Back to the point, my client fancies using timeboxes for our agile transofrmation. Fine I think, we can plan on that basis but how can I tell when it’s ‘Done Done’?

  • Is it ‘Done’ when one team start it?
  • When all teams start it?
  • When one team is consistently doing it?

Imho it’s when the practice becomes embedded in an organisation, when it’s no longer perceived as a practice or technique and is simply part of what is done.

So, how can I use timeboxing to plan and complete a cultural shift? My initial thought is to use project focused increments, with levels of implementation…for example project a project b and project c combined with standups happening most days, standups happening all days, standups happening every day and attended by everyone including business, standups as above and under 15 minutes, and so forth.

Seems like an awful lot of preparing for not much return – I’m leaning towards a simple prioritisation of items and focusing on 2 or 3 until they are embedded then taking stock …

Julie Hendry

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