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Pig Consulting – An Agile Challenge?

Now my honesty about such an event may be considered career limiting or perhaps a sign of madness, however Agile principles teach us about honesty, trust, respect and courage – I choose to be honest in keeping with what I’ve always preached.

It came to a crunch for me on a sunny morning in one of the most beautiful parts of England.  I stood frozen in terror with a buggered iphone, a most intense fever and a stomach that mimicked Niagara falls.
I was sick, months of tummy terror which saw me turn down a dream Pig role came into play and that was it.  Over.  My body told me I needed a break.

On a positive note the ensuing hiatus has finally gave me space and time to catch up with folks I kept missing due to travelling
– or being ill.  I noticed that my work type facebook friends are all people I worked directly with.

Those were the people I had a relationship with and continued to collaborate with, have dinner with or chat to depending on locations. All of our programs/projects had a clear vision and value – plus all delivered successfully.

I thought some more.  I was a Pig on all of these great experiences!   I even walked away from a few of those fun roles when I felt my usefulness had been reached and because I could.  These folks really got the honesty, trust, respect and courage.  I felt empowered in those roles more than any others.

Here I come farmyard … back to Pig-dom.