Product Owner Nerves

Perhaps it is the meds I’m on (in Bangalore at the beginning of mosquito season with particularly tasty blood and a nasty reaction), but even after all these years this week I started to question the scrum product owner role ‘in’ the team.

Is the product owner really able to step back and let the team get on with it, as seems to be the case in so many teams?  Am I mad, considering a fellow coach seemed horrified at the prospect of adding the PO’s to the team stand ups.

And then I did what I have been doing for 15 years – I canvassed opinion – from real live people and the dark corners of the interweb.  It is a fairly well discussed topic and when I read one particular blog post it reminded me of the product owner’s responsibility and why they are the dirtiest pig in scrum..they are the single wring-able neck for the product :)..  this is why I always push for the PO to be in the team and not ‘served’ by it.

Now I just need to get clean 🙂