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Scrum Alliance could be more Agile

I am a CSM and CSP for 4 and 2 years now and I started my application to become Certified Scrum Coach about a year ago.   The 25 questions and case studies scared me.  I found some questions very odd – for example when did planning poker become a coaching technique?  Isn’t that an Agile practice instead? And how can I define advisory and consultation skills vs facilitation skills vs leadership – aren’t these all facets of a good coach..i.e. the coaching skills asked about earlier.

In addition I suffer from acute procrastination when faced with documentation.

I picked it up again this year with fresh vigour and spent approximately 40 hours of hair tugging, brain dulling recantations of every Agile and Scrum experience over they years.  I was then forced to distill these into the top three style question that permeates the CSC app.  So far I have managed a grand total of 15/25 questions and the ubiqitous case study.

Still on high with the prospect of what I see as a valuable opportunity to get feedback from my peers I received an email prompting about my CSP renewal..armed with my credit card and a minor nag that I hadn’t managed to finish the CSC app earlier I went to pay my fee.  (Now I had pay another $250 AND my CSC app on top 🙁 )

It took me a good while to find the renewal link, and then…

Another questionnaire – in fact the same one I filled out two years ago and indeed was assessing others on only a few weeks ago??.  Another piece of documentation that causes most people hours of stress and spell checking.  And no doubt leaves the poor reader somewhat confused and lacking in information (having reviewed several CSP apps myself I know I’ve resorted to google and linkedin for more information on what is written).

I completely understand the need to prove Scrum knowledge – reviewing applications certainly opened my eyes –  however could renewals be more effective and aligned to our wicked Agile ways* if we had real person to person conversations?  I would relish the opportunity to talk openly and honestly with a peer in the Scrum community, it would save time, stress and it would allow reviewers the opportunity to probe a little more 🙂

Daydream over…back to my lonely laptop and oodles of documentation…

  • *Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • *Completed functionality over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • *Responding to change over following a plan
  • If you don’t already know these as the Agile Principles you can read more here at Scrum Alliance.